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Hamilton County Veterans

“Veterans Serving Veterans”

Meeting Minutes

Hamilton County Veterans Agenda

Fishers American Legion on 126th St @ 1900 hours

  • Pledge of Allegiance / Silent Prayer - Red
  • Financial Report - Lynn - We have $4,083.26 in the till.
  • Sick Call: I am hoping we are all good, just getting older.....
  • Welcome - Ron

Old Business:

  • Crownland Cemetery - The Hamilton County Veterans Corporation is raising funds for the Hamilton County War Memorial at Crownland Cemetery via a Go Fund Me page so please click HERE to make your donations! Your Hamilton County commissioners, council and the Hamilton County Veterans Corporation are working together to get the War Memorial at Crownland Cemetery refurbished as it has been decaying for years. Dan Haines Construction Company is doing the refurbishment on the Memorial, but the work they are doing does not include the addition of 2 new Memorial stones Honoring our Fallen Heroes from WWI and the Persian Gulf Wars.
    We, the Hamilton County Veterans Corporation, have spent the past 7 years knocking on doors trying to get support to repair the deteriorating Memorial and adding these 2 new stones with our Fallen Heroes from WWI and Persian Gulf Wars. We are currently working with Ian Whittaker & Kyle Douglas from Wearly Monuments. They will be ordering the 2 new stones to polish, etch the names in them and mount them on the newly refurbished Memorial. The cost for the 2 additional stones is $6,687.50 of which the Hamilton County Veterans Corporation has already put down the initial down payment of $3,000.00.
    We need your help to raise the remaining $3,687.50 before September 1, 2020. Please visit our Go Fund Me site HERE and help us make this dream a reality. It's the least we can do for the sacrifices our Heroes and their families have made while protecting our Freedoms.
    Together, we can do this for our Gold Star Families.
  • The Hamilton County Veterans will be in the Noblesville and Cicero Christmas Parades if anyone is interested please get in touch with Ron Wilson president@hamiltoncountyveterans.com.
  • We have been working to get a Van here in Hamilton County so we can rotate trained drivers to drive a Van from Noblesville to the VA Hospital with our local Veterans during the week. This effort is now on hold until the VA and Hamilton County finalize the details.
  • TBI/ PTSD Pilot Study at Riverview Hospital HBOT Unit - The MVCI is teaming with Riverview Hospital to run a 2 year pilot using HBOT to treat 100 Veterans who have been diagnosed with TBI/PTSD. Riverview has agreed to run this pilot at cost which will be $250K for the 2 years. We need to help Jim Bauerle and Ron Martin of the MVCI in raising these funds so our Heroes may have a chance to live without the drugs the VA throws at them. If you know of anyone or a business who can help please have them contact Jim Bauerle jimbauerle.sr@gmail.com 317-844-6432.
  • The TMVCI Meeting is the first Friday of the month 0930 at Fort Harrison VFW Post 7119 at 6526 North Lee Road so please try to attend.
  • Veterans Court (with the Honorable Judge William Hughes) - Lynn is in need of Volunteers to mentor a Veteran. It is a 3 year program for a Veteran who is in trouble. We have 9 Veterans in the program which includes training, drug rehab, mentor-ship and follow up. If you are interested in helping please contact Lynn Epperson CVSO Lynn.Epperson@hamiltoncounty.in.gov phone 317-776-9610.William Carey is the coordinator at the Hamilton Superior Court 3, ph - 317-776-8279. Here is a list of all Indiana counties with a Veteran Court and a Drug Court https://www.in.gov/judiciary/pscourts/files/pscourts-psc-directory.pdf

New Business:

  • The HCV has been collecting bicycles for the homeless HVAF Veterans. The HVAF donates bikes to those Veterans who are working and have no other means to get to their job and we want to help them. If you know of anyone who no longer is using their bicycle, please contact Ron Wilson president@hamiltoncountyveterans.com so we may deliver the bike to the HVAF downtown.
  • The HCV voted to donate $100.00 to the building of a Memorial Project in Cicero honoring our Veterans. Joe Robbins is working to get this project moving forward.
  • Our Hamilton CVSO, the best in the state, also spoke of coming changes in Veterans Benefits.
  • Our next meeting will be held on Jan 28, 2019.

Hamilton County Veterans ”Veterans helping Veterans”

The HCV thanks you for doing all that you do to help our Veterans and their Families. Keep talking to your neighbors, friends and acquaintances to spread the word on the good of the HCV.

Meeting Adjourned

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