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Agent Orange

These sites deal with Agent Orange related health issues our Veterans are having and how to get answers that will assist them and their families. There have been over 250,000 deaths attributed to Agent Orange!

VA Presumptive Diseases Attributed to Agent Orange - This site shows a list of diseases that the VA presumes that are caused by the effects from the use of Agent Orange and other herbicides in the Vietnam War. These are only given to those Veterans who served on the ground in Vietnam. Those Veterans who served in theater on ships or at all the Thailand air bases are not covered by the VA even though our Government knows that all bases in Thailand were sprayed with the same herbicides they used in Vietnam.

EVERY RED BLOODED AMERICAN needs to help fight for these Veterans who are dying every day and having to suffer without any VA support for them or their families!! In Dec 2017 the US Senate Bill S2105 was introduced and in Jan 2018 the House Bill HR4843 was introduced. These bills are basicly asking our government to give the same coverage the VA gives our Vietnam on the ground Veterans to our Thailand Air Base Veterans.

WE ALL NEED TO WRITE LETTERS TO OUR US SENATORS AND REPRESENTATIVES asking them to sponsor and support these bills NOW before all our Vietnam War Veterans die and suffer alone!! Here is how you can help....

To send a letter to the TWO US Senators in your state click HERE

To send a letter to your US Representatives click HERE

The letters to each is already written here so you only need to print, sign and send them. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Department of VA page on Veterans Compensation for exposure to Agent Orange rules
  • Quilt of Tears - Medical conditions caused by exposure to Agent Orange. Help filling Agent Orange claims with the VA. The bottom of the page lists links on how to ask and file for MANY Veteran benefits.
  • Public Health on Exposures - Use this site to get information on who should apply for the Agent Orange Registry Medical Exam and who to contact to make it happen. If you were in Southeast Asia from Feb 28, 1961 to May 7, 1975 you need to have the exam!!
  • What You Need to Know about Ischemic Heart Disease - This link will help explain what IHD is and what you should do if you or your doctor believe you may have IHD. First and foremost, if you are a Veteran let your doctor know and if you were a Vietnam or Korean Vet tell him where you served. Check this page out and even keep a copy of it.
  • Agent Orange Lawsuit - has a lot of information on Agent Orange lawsuits.
  • Vietnam & All Veterans of Florida - The top of their page has many links on Agent Orange.
  • Cybersarge has more important information on Agent Orange and a few more links. He keeps his info updated all the time.

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