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JULY 8, 2023 11AM-3PM

Noblesville Schools Community Center 1775 Field Dr, Noblesville, Indiana

Please use our Flyers, 2 sided postcards and 2 sided business cards to share wherever you go so we may inform our Hamilton County Veterans/Active Military, their Families and all Hamilton County residents to come to this resource fair. If you own a business or go into any businesses in Hamilton County, print out these documents and post them at the places you frequent for all to see, and PLEASE Donate to the Hamilton County Veterans Corp so we may continue to serve our Military Veteran community and host this resource fair.

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Here is the Military/Veteran service provider registration form for those of you who have a business, work or volunteer to help our Military/Veteran community here in Hamilton County. Please fill it out and return it to webmaster@hamiltoncountyveterans.com  FORM


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In 2023, Hamilton County will be celebrating it’s 200th Anniversary as a county in Indiana!! The Bicentennial team asked the Hamilton County Veterans Corp to help them do something for our Hamilton County Military and Veterans so we are hosting a county wide Celebration and Resource Fair for our Military, Veterans and their Families July 8, 2023. We hope to reach as many of our Military/Veteran population as possible since the county will be celebrating for a month in each township of Hamilton County this year. We also hope to encourage our whole community to stop in and see what we are doing here in Hamilton County. The more we learn about our neighbor's issues, needs and the resources readily available to address those issues and needs, the stronger we will be as a community of friends helping friends.

Some of the Free Resources offered will include providers and outreach specialists from Federal VA Benefits, Roudebush VA Hospital, County Veteran Service Officers, Indiana Department of Veteran Affairs, Veterans Readiness and Employment, Military OneSource, Indiana WorkOne, County Health Department, City Health, Mental Health Wellness and Suicide Awareness, Housing, Homelessness, Insurance, Retirement, Legal, Financial, Faith Based, Education, Employment, Family Programs, HVAF of Indiana and so much more.

Our opening ceremony will be Honoring, Remembering and Celebrating YOU, our Hamilton County Military, Guard, Reserve, Veterans and your Families. Retired Brigadier General Stewart Goodwin, an Honorary Survivor of the USS Indianapolis CA 35, will be Honoring and Remembering our Fallen Heroes from the USS Indianapolis as it sank 78 years ago, July 30, 1945. Then Kristgen Ludeker-Seibert will be enlightening all attendees on the progress Hamilton County's Stronger Veterans Stronger Communities Coalition is making in regards to preventing suicides through community connectedness and awareness. We all can be a part of the solution as we become more knowledgeable to not on only our Veterans/Military needs but all our needs and the local resources to address those needs. We will be showing this opening ceremony a couple times during the resource fair for all to see and hear.

To simplify our attendees entrance into the sea of vendor booths, we will have a floor map to show the areas where their needs may be addressed - like a department store.

If any of our neighbors wish to help in future events or you want to become a part of the solution, please come to our Hamilton County Veterans Corp table to find out how you too may help build Stronger Veterans and Stronger Communities and become a member of the Hamilton County Veterans Corp.

If you are a Military/Veteran service provider and wish to have a table at this event, send this Provider Registration Form, all filled out, to webmaster@hamiltoncountyveterans.com  FORM

If you or your company would like to be a sponsor of this wonderful event, please email webmaster@hamiltoncountyveterans.com or president@hamiltoncountyveterans.com and we will get your logo on our page as well.

Questions please email webmaster@hamiltoncountyveterans.com or president@hamiltoncountyveterans.com