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Medical Health Information

Health Care

  • VA Indiana Healthcare The VA Indiana Healthcare System teams are deeply experienced and guided by the needs of Veterans, their families, and caregivers. This site has links so you can manage your healthcare online. Sign up for community events and updates.
  • Dept of VA Public Health Home - Links to health & wellness, hazardous exposures, diseases & conditions, patient treatment, Gulf War Veterans’ Illnesses, Camp Lejeune and many more. It also talks a bit about the PACT Act and your VA Healthcare Benefits.
  • The PACT Act is a new law signed in 2022 that expands VA health care and benefits for Veterans exposed to burn pits, Agent Orange, and other toxic substances. The PACT Act adds to the list of health conditions that we assume (or presume€¯) are caused by exposure to these substances. This law helps us provide generations of Veterans and their survivors with the care and benefits they’ve earned and deserve. This page will help answer your questions about what the PACT Act means for you or your loved ones. You can also call us at 800-698-2411. And you can file a claim for PACT Act-related disability compensation or apply for VA health care now.
  • The PACT Act and Agent Orange expands the presumptive diseases to include all those stationed at Royal Thai Air Force Bases in Thailand and more...
  • VHA Health Programs for Veterans - Beyond the doctors and nurses who provide you with high-quality health care, VHA offers tools and information to help you reach your optimal health. Tools like My HealtheVet and support services for many needs - blind rehab, caregiving, community living centers, compensated work therapy, dental care, mental care, disease prevention, Fisher House, geriatrics and homeless to name a few. Use the health support services listed on their page to maintain your physical and mental wellness.
  • My HealtheVet - offers you links and tools to help you partner with your VA health care team, so together you may work to manage your health. Here you may find useful resources when you need them for Pharmacy, Appointments, Messages and Health Records.
  • Medline Plus - Offers many other links that you might find helpful as you look for answers to your Military/Veterans health issues.
  • Veterans Aid & Attendance Pension - This program provides benefits to veterans and their spouses who require ongoing care for eating, bathing, dressing and undressing, and other natural needs. Disabled veterans can use this benefit to pay a caregiver or other long-term care scenario. The amount of the benefit varies based on whether the veteran alone or the veteran and spouse are needing care, or whether the pension is going to a surviving spouse. A site that helps file an AA Claim is here.
  • Gulf War Veterans Illnesses - Certain illnesses are associated with Gulf War service in the Southwest Asia theater of military operations from August 2, 1990 to present. Medically unexplained illnesses (also commonly referred to as Gulf War illness or Chronic Multi-symptom illness) are a significant concern for some Veterans who served during the Gulf War. VA offers eligible Veterans a free Gulf War Registry health exam to find possible long-term health problems related to Gulf War service. VA also offers health care, disability compensation, and other benefits to eligible Veterans. Their dependents and survivors may also be eligible for benefits. Click the link on the bottom of the page to see how the PACT Act has improved coverage!
  • Military Sexual Trauma - Both women and men may experience MST during their service. All Veterans seen at Veterans Health Administration facilities are asked about experiences of sexual trauma because we know that any type of trauma can affect a person’s physical and mental health, even many years later. We also know that people can recover from trauma. VA has free services to help Veterans recover from this type of trauma. You do not need to have a service connected VA disability rating to receive these services and may be able to receive services even if you are not eligible for other VA care. You do not need to have reported the incident(s) when they happened or have other documentation that they occurred. This website has information about the health care services that VA has available for Veterans who experienced MST. Please view this fact sheet Disability Compensation for Personal Assault or Military Sexual Trauma for information about VA disability compensation for conditions related to MST.
  • Womens Health.gov lists resources by state who provide support for women who have experienced abuse. If you do not find your state or need to speak with someone right away, please call the National Domestic Violence Hotline for help in your area - 800-799-7233. Also read their pages listed in the left column under Relationships and Safety for more resources.
  • DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE WARRIOR CARE The Office of Warrior Care Policy offers access to several benefits and services, including compensation, caregiver support and care management, that can provide assistance to wounded, ill, and injured Service members and their families as they identify needs and shortfalls in resources, and begin searching for solutions.
  • Cancer Care
  • Cancer.Net - Offers all kinds of Cancer support from information on the types of cancer, Coping with cancer, research & advocacy, navigating cancer care including a list of financial resources and Survivorship.
  • National Comprehensive Cancer Network - offers Patient & Care Givers Resources and guidelines that can help you talk with your doctor and guide you through your treatment while beating cancer. NCCN is a not for profit alliance of 27 of the world’s leading cancer centers to improve the quality, effectiveness and efficiency of cancer care so that patients can live better lives.
  • The Ultimate Guide for Looking Your Best While Overcoming Cancer - While most of the information might be geared towards women, anyone can use these tips while maintaining your wellbeing and positive attitude as you beat cancer. Mindset is crucial in winning and one way to start is to feel good about you. Dig in and begin that winning look.
  • Longterm Care for Seniors
  • Dept of VA Geriatrics and Extended Care - Veterans can receive long-term care programs and services at home, at VA medical centers, or in the community. Please see our programs and services page. Contact your local VA medical center for more information on the long-term care and geriatrics services provided.
  • Dental Health
  • Dental Resources for Veterans - This website will offer many dental resources for our Veterans from the VA to those who do not have access to the VA. If you're not eligible for VA benefits, and you can't afford a private plan, you still have options. Nonprofit organizations, dental experts, and some companies offer discounts or waived fees on the services you need.
  • New Mouth Dental was created to keep the public educated about the current dental care practices, oral health basics and how to find the best treatments possible. We also connect patients with the best dentists in their area depending on individual treatment needs. A one stop shop for your oral needs. This particular page describes how your Military Service may have impacted your mouth, other than learning how to curse.
  • Hearing Health
  • Besthearinghealth.com is a site informing us about the hearing issues Veterans might encounter and how to resolve them. A very good site!!
  • Vision Health
  • Bosma Enterprises - Navigating Blindness by providing visionary solutions. Bosma Enterprises is a nonprofit organization that’s been helping Hoosiers with blindness and visual impairment for more than 100 years. Our experienced staff members (more than half of whom have low vision) offer personalized programs ranging from counseling to job placement to training for daily living, helping adults gain the life skills they need to remain independent and the job skills they need to stay self-sufficient.
  • All About Vision for Veterans with impaired vision has informative resources for Veterans with vision issues. From new technology to organizations who help those with vision issues to blind rehabilitation centers, they got it. More help for Veterans with vision issues may be found HERE as it better explains VA vs non-VA vision care options. And this link covers Aging And Eyesight, what to expect as you age and how to improve your eyesight as you age.
  • Behavioral Health
  • Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services Administration - SAMHSA facilitates innovative community-based solutions that foster access to evidence-based prevention, treatment, and recovery support services for military service members, veterans, and their families at risk for or experiencing mental and/or substance use disorders by providing state-of-the-art technical assistance, consultation, and training. SAMHSA does this work in close partnership with TRICARE, Department of Defense, and Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) services.
  • Mattresses to Sleep On
  • Sleep Disorders - At Sleepopolis.com they can assist in understanding what your sleep issue might be. They specifically deal with sleep disorders associated with trauma, TBI and PTSD and they have suggestions / tips that you might find useful.
  • At Mattress Clarity we do not sell mattresses, we review most every mattress on the market with our team of sleep experts. Our experts are knowledgeable on what a good night sleep is and most issues one can have in trying to sleep. This site has a special page directed specifically at Veterans and the varied issues a Veteran might have trying to sleep. From basic insomnia issues to drugs related issues to PTSD/TBI, they have some very good answers and links that I hope will help you find your good nights sleep.
  • Exercise Therapy
  • Ultimate Guide to Strength Sports for Veterans - This article makes a strong statement about sports training being a great way to get your mind and body in the right place. As a soldier struggling with their demons this gets you, your mind and body back in alignment working with a team of like minded individuals. Read their info, watch the videos and get inspired to join society once again.
  • Healthcare Insurance
  • VHA Office of Community Care - CHAMPVA - is a comprehensive health care program where the VA shares the cost of covered health care services and supplies with eligible beneficiaries. Check their Eligibility Page to see if you might qualify.
  • Tricare - is the health care program serving Uniformed Service Members, retirees and their families.
  • Indiana Health Insurance - Indiana residents have a lot of options when it comes to obtaining affordable health insurance. You may enroll in an employer plan, sign up for Medicaid or Medicare, purchase insurance from an individual insurer, or you could use the Health Insurance Marketplace for Affordable Care Act options. Find all of your options here.
  • Medicare Plans in Indiana - explains Medicare options, Insurance companies here in Indiana with Medicare Plans, who qualifies and how to sign up. Very informative website if you do not have an agent who is trained in Medicare to compare which one is best for you.
  • Medicare for Veterans - Is a Comprehensive Guide between VA Benefits, Medicare and Tricare. This will help you understand the healthcare insurance plans and which to sign up for and it explains Tricare for Life – for those on Tricare and Medicare
  • Medicare Plans - Navigating Medicares plans, benefits, and enrollments can be challenging and time consuming. Fully understand your Medicare rights with data-driven, fact-based information from Medicare industry experts and health professionals. We provide expert Medicare education and counseling so you can make the best choices for you and your loved ones.
  • Health Care for Unhoused People - Millions of people face a lack of housing every year and often experience poorer health than the general population, which is why we created this piece. The medically-reviewed resource covers:
    • Who is considered unhoused, and how that impacts healthcare access
    • The relationship between housing insecurity and healthcare
    • Healthcare options available to people without housing
    • Additional resources for vulnerable people
  • CBD For Pain Relief
  • Fall Creek Hemp Co - If you haven’t heard about Canabodial (CBD) and it’s positive affects on the body, then you need to read up on it and give CBD a try. I am talking about full spectrum CBD oil drops which has NO THC (marijuana) in it and is legal in all 50 states. I personally have been using 2 drops under the tongue in the morning and at night of the 2000mg CBD oil, a 1 oz (30ml) bottle, for over 10 years to live through chronic back pain and now many other ailments,,, and it works!! My 95 year old mother has lost over 7 inches in height due to scoliosis and we feel strongly that without the use of CBD oil and Roll On for the past 10 plus years, she would be in such pain that she would need to be in a nursing home - she still lives on her own! Fall Creek Hemp Co is owned by Lawrence and you can order his 2000mg CBD Oil or his 600mg CBD roll on, called The STUFF, by sending him an email at fallcreekhempco@gmail.com. He grows his hemp crops and processes it locally and has it third party tested by KCA lab in Kentucky. Read up on CBD benefits and send Lawrence an email to order his products. We have not found a better product or a lower price!! Do give CBD oil drops time as it seems to work better over time, say 2 weeks. You cannot overdose on it and you may need to take more drops as needed. Several people take a full 1ml dropper each time, I do 2 drops and my mom does 6 drops 3 times a day.

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